Aloha and…Aloha?

Posted on June 19, 2013


Stairway to Heaven Mastered

Stairway to Heaven Mastered

Adios Urbanhybrid, at least for now, time to set roots into a brand new blog with the potential to evolve into the perfect trifecta of crazy adventures in Hawaii, the not so straight path towards having my own classroom of minions, and the act of balancing fitness, happy hours, and affording it all. Yes, there will be eye-rolls after the 100th photo of beautiful beaches, restricted hikes, and a few tide pools here and there, but I’m hoping it’ll just get some of my Seattle/New York/California friends the extra boot kick to book a flight over here. Call it Hawaii on a budget, the mid 20s life crisis move to sunshine, or Jane and Drew’s party for two, but so far it has been a life worth sharing. Plus is doesn’t hurt to put my degree to use, enjoy!

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